How To Register A New Hotel or Restaurant In Pakistan

To start a restaurant in any city of Pakistan, the owner needs to set up a restaurant in a location that targets the right audience. When a customer visits a restaurant, he is not just paying for the food, but he looks for the good ambiance, quality of service and the over all experience that worth his money.

If you are about to start your restaurant in Pakistan, you have to keep these two important things in mind that the taste of food and quality of your services can make you or break you. But there are many other things too, that you need to get done before starting up a restaurant business in Pakistan, and that is registration of your company, trademark, and brand copyrights.


No matter in which city of Pakistan you live, there are many business that you can start, but restaurant business is no doubt one of the most successful businesses in Pakistan. Like any other business in any city of Pakistan, if you want to start your new business, you need to get a license from the concerned department of the Government. The same procedure will apply here if you’re going to start a Hotel, or Restaurant in Pakistan. In Pakistan, Restaurant registration is very important and mandatory for any kind of food supplier to run his business in Pakistan.

In case of non registration of the restaurant under the law, the owner of the restaurant shall be liable for imprisonment which may be from three days to one year, and a fine from ten thousand rupees to five hundred thousand rupees. However, there are few things like health standards, hygiene, comfort, medical certificates of the employees, proper building structure that is safe for the staff, and few more things are are required from the owner of the restaurant. After the registration process, when its done, the owner of the hotel or restaurant is required to get a legal license from the controller.

A license granted to the owner of restaurant shall remain in force for a period of maximum one year and requires a renewable every year on payment of prescribed government fee which is necessary every year. Now, if you are a restaurant person, you probably would not have the idea about all these legal documentation work that is required to register your restaurant. But, that’s not a problem anymore! NAZ Intellectuals Services, has a team of experienced attorneys who can help you in your Restaurant registration in Pakistan.


Restaurants in Pakistan can be registered in IPO (Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan) and also by FSA (Food Safety Authority). At NAZ Intellectuals Services, You can get full assistance in trade mark registration of restaurant via IPO. We can provide you expert consultation on your Food business structure (Sole proprietorship /Sole Owner/Partnership Concern) to minimize your annual taxes. We can offer you our services in registration of your Brand Name Copyrights, & Trademark registration of your Restaurant.