How to Register a Cosmetic Product in Pakistan: Your Ultimate Guide.

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Are you thinking of starting your own cosmetic business in Pakistan, and launch your own home-made cosmetic product that goes viral and make you a billionaire?.


Do you want to launch your own makeup brand but have no idea from where should you start

Well, then you are at the right place! This free and detailed guide would help you in step by step process of creating, testing, and registering your makeup brand legally in Pakistan.

If you are little worried and have zero knowledge about all this stuff, then you are not alone! There are hundreds of people in Pakistan, willing to launch their cosmetic product but lack the skills, or mandatory knowledge to even start it.

The process of launching a cosmetic product can be overwhelming. But we have, made this easy for you, and written this guide with this useful information regarding the steps needed to transform your dream into a physical product.

First thing that you must need to do is become familiar with the FDA’s regulations about the cosmetic manufacturing and labeling of your cosmetic products. You must have to abide by these regulations so that you do your cosmetic business in a legal way in Pakistan.

Now, many of you probably have no idea about these rules and regulations for manufacturing and selling cosmetic products, but we, at Naz Intellectuals are offering free consultation for all our readers.

Abiding these rules are necessary and will help you a lot to avoid any legal issues. Feel free to give us a call to know all the necessary details related to Cosmetic brand’s trademark, or copyright registration, or any other legal issue.

Legal Registration of Your Cosmetic Brand

Before starting any business, or let’s say Cosmetic business in Pakistan which includes Perfumes, Lotions, Beauty creams, hair oils, or any other type of cosmetic products, you have to get your brand register legally to prevent any unpleasant legal matters. Now, when starting your own cosmetic product, you have to register your trademark. Registering a cosmetic product’s trade mark in IPO is very essential and mandatory to prevent from any problems in future.

There are many benefits of registering a beauty product, cosmetic or makeup brand’s trademark, but one of the best thing about it is that no one can copy your product or claim its rights, and sell your duplicate copies. In case, anyone tries to steal your product identity, or your formula, you can sue them legally.

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 The procedure of trade mark registration requires a specific government fee, but a long hectic procedure that you have to deal with, if you want to get it done yourself.

Most of you would not have any idea about how all these things work, therefore, you can get our free consultation, we would love to hear and sort out your confusions related to your company registration in Pakistan.


At NAZ Intellectuals, we have an experienced team of legal attorneys with years of experience of dealing with all of the legal documentation work that is required to register any small business copyrights, patent or trademark registration in Pakistan. Head over to our Karachi Office, or email us at or give us a call at +92-332-3746158 for free consultation!

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