Industrial & Lubricant Oil Trademark Registration Services in Pakistan

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In case you have started your business where you manufacture, sell or export industrial oils, automobile greases, lubricant oils, dust observing compositions,  waxes and fluids  or any other oil, with your own name, then you have to get its trademark registered through (TMR) Trademark Registry, which is a premiere body of Intellectuals Property Organization of Pakistan.

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Oil Goods & Lubricants That You Can Get A Trademark For In Pakistan

Additives, non-chemical, to motor-fuelFuel with an alcoholic baseOil-gas
AnthraciteFuel GasOils for releasing formwork [building]
BeeswaxFuel oil / combustible oilGas for lighting
Belting waxGrease for leatherGrease for belts
BenzeneParaffinGrease for footwear
Bone oil for industrial purposesGrease for arms [weapons]Carburants / motor fuel
Castor oil for industrial purposesIndustrial greaseIndustrial wax
KeroseneCoal tar oilLubricants
Lubricating graphiteDust absorbing compositionsCombustible briquettes
Dust laying compositionsWicks for candlesMineral fuel
Fish oil, not edibleOil for the preservation of masonryDust removing preparations
Oil for the preservation of leatherMotor oilWood briquettes
Textile oilSoya bean oil preparations for non-stick
treatment of cooking utensils
Dust binding compositions for sweeping
Diesel oil/gas oilMoistening oilVaporized fuel mixtures