Register Chemical Business in Pakistan

Starting a Chemical manufacturing or Import/export business in which you have zero knowledge about is a frightening thing to do. Apart from worrying about the initial financial resources, license registration, and salaries of a few employees to setting up an office, a business owner also need to get his chemical business register with various regulatory bodies as well as FBR (Federal Board of Revenue of Pakistan). If you’re planning to register a Chemical manufacturing or Import/export company in Pakistan, you should read this detailed blog to get all the necessary information in order to obtain proper licensing or your Chemical business.

Steps To Register Chemical Business in Pakistan

To Get Your Chemical Business Register in Pakistan, a business owner needs to follow these three steps.

  1. Registration with the (SECP) Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
  2. NTN Registration with the (FBR) Federal Board of Revenue
  3. Copyright, Patent & Trademark Registration with (IPO) Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan

Each of the above mentioned steps are mandatory, and involves a number of steps with different requirements, and documents. In order to start a chemical business, you first need to register your company name with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Then, you have to register your chemical company with the Federal Board of Revenue and apply for the (NTN) National Tax Number. Once the business owner fulfilled all of these requirements, and have received a NTN number, he/she has to register the copyrights of his brand’s log, patent design of the bottles in which the product would be sold, and the trademark registration of the chemical company with IPO – Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan.

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Chemical Business Startup Checklist of International Standards

When starting and growing your new chemical business in Pakistan, finding the correct and concise information and proper expert advice can make your company successful. The aim of this checklist is to get better understanding of regulatory landscape and to help your business become successful, safe, and sustainable in Pakistan.

The main section of the chemical business checklist is:

  • Complete understanding of  Your  Chemicals & Chemical Products.
  • Implementation of all the SOP’s to protect staff and public, volunteers, visitors and contractors.
  • Manufacturing or importing chemicals or chemical products.
  • Know about what chemical product you are about to manufacture, and get r  paper work done accordingly. There are different types of Chemicals that you can do business with in Pakistan, which includes: Agricultural chemical product, Veterinary chemical product, Chemicals for therapeutic use, Industrial chemical, Food additive chemical.
  • Labeling or packaging requirements for chemical products.
  • Implementation on general product safety requirements.
  • A authorized and Govt approved site for chemicals or chemical products storage, in case you are importing, or exporting your manufactured chemical.

In Which Class Does Chemicals Comes in?

If you are about to register your chemical trademark in Pakistan, you need to know first that your desired chemical product lies in which class of trademark. All of the chemicals used in Pakistani industries, science, agriculture, forestry, photography, horticulture, unprocessed plastics, unprocessed artificial resins, tanning substances, chemicals or food preservations, fire extinguishing compositions, tempering and soldering preparations, and all of the adhesives that are used in industries are come in Class 1. You can get trademark registration services from Naz Intellectuals without doing this stressful and hectic work.

Basics of importing and manufacturing chemicals

Chemical Trademark Registration in Pakistan

Trade Marks Registry (TMR) is premier body of IPO-Pakistan working for the registration of trade and services marks under the Trade Marks Ordinance, 2001. The process of trademark is somehow complicated, and not everyone is aware of it. Therefore, Naz Intellectuals is offering their services and helping business owners to get their trademark of Chemical manufacturing, or Import/Export business in Pakistan with their expertise.

Benefits of Registering a Chemical Trademark

1. Registering a Chemical trademark would protect your company’s name, which is company’s most valuable asset.

2. Registering a chemical trademark grants the business owner receives nationwide ownership of the mark.

3. Registering a chemical company’s trademark decreases the chances of your competitor’s claiming that your trademark infringes upon their trademark, which can lead you to a great disappointment and loss.

4. Registering a Chemical trademark provides official notice to others looking to get their trademark registered, that this trademark is already taken.